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About the Writer:
Teresa Cocke

"What are you going to do today, Lord?" is the early morning question of expectation Teresa wakes with daily. With three children, a husband, mother-in-law and lots of farm animals to tend, Teresa has plenty to keep her busy. However, her deep passion for the Bible and for knowing the Lord better is her primary motivation. She is an author, speaker, assistant teaching director of her Community Bible Study class, and the Spiritual Life Chairperson in her small Tennessee church. She loves to encourage others to start each day with a spirit of expectation.


Amazing Things

By Teresa Cocke

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” —Joshua 3:5

It was a normal Saturday, like countless ones before. The SUV was loaded and my firstborn and I were headed to the city to play a little b-ball, basketball that is. This was truly something I had not pictured myself doing. When Anna Grace had asked permission to try out for a traveling team it never occurred to me that she might actually make the team! But here we were many months later nearing the end of the season and we were once again on the road again.

Anna Grace has loved basketball for as long as I can remember, and while she made this team and was enjoying every minute of participating, she was defiantly not the star player. In fact we were down to the end of the season and she had neither started a game nor scored a basket. This must have been on her mind as we entered the expressway into town.

“Mom,” she said from the back seat. “You know, I think the Lord is going to wait until my birthday next week to help me score a basket.”

An ordinary moment had become a sacred moment. Driving down I-40 on a cloudy west Tennessee morning I felt the Holy Spirit tiptoe across my heart. Was I going to miss this? Was I going to deny Anna Grace the opportunity to see her God do an amazing thing?

“Well, darling, that might be true, but you know the Lord is on His throne today too.” I replied. “Why don’t we ask Him to bless you this day?”

And that is exactly what we did.

As we arrived at the game, it was evident that the first game was not going to finish on time. This normally would not have been a problem, but on this particular Saturday I had a very important appointment at a certain time and needed to leave at a set time to make it across town. As I am taking my seat in the stand I am mentally calculating my time and it dawns on me that I will need to leave before the 3 rd quarter, which is when she usually plays. I started whining to the Lord, “Great, Lord you are going to let this sweet child score her first basket and I am going to miss it!” Minutes later her team takes the court and her big brown eyes are dancing. “Mom!” she mouths “I’m a starter today!” She was starting her first game. “OK, Lord, this is going to be good.” I say as I settle back in my seat.

One minute and fifteen seconds into the game and ….NOTHING BUT NET!!

She nailed it! Her team is standing and cheering. I’m going nuts! And she is looking at me from across the court with those big brown eyes still dancing, and with a smile that tells me that basket had little to do with two points and a whole lot to do with her God doing an amazing thing!!!

Not only do I want to see God do amazing things, I want my children to see Him do amazing things. I could talk about God’s amazing works until I am blue in the face and they might believe some of it, but there is no substitute for their own experiences. It grieves me to think of the times I missed, times I ignored the Holy Spirit’s gentle voice. So many times, I have acted as the Lord’s official PR person. You know what I mean, trying to protect Him when the children are praying for something big. I often need to be reminded that He is a big God! The thing they may be praying for may very well be exactly what He wants to give them.

Children catch much more than they are taught. Let’s not miss the opportunities to let them see their God do amazing things!

Copyright ©June 19, 2006 - Teresa Cocke. All rights reserved.

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