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About the Writer:
Sherrill Schlimpert

An ordinary suburban girl with an extraordinary passion for seeking the Lord’s will in her life, Sherrill is more than a poet. She is a retired elementary school teacher, mother of two grown children, and wife for over 31 years. One dreary morning's drive awakened her passion for writing prayer-poetry as God greeted her with a spectacular sunrise. Her flow of words and faith has filled two self-published books so far.


Sailing Into The New Year

By Sherrill Schlimpert

As I stand at the New Year’s shore,
  What is it I hope it will bring?
Isn’t it all about happiness…
  The search for what makes our heart sing?

Exercise, diet, organize –
  The standard resolutions –
Finally no longer
  Seem the best solutions.

I used to stampede for bargains
  After holiday festivity.
And while I still love a sale,
  It’s no longer a priority.

I’ve finally reached the horizon
  Where earth’s treasures are still enjoyed,
But no longer does their pursuit fill my life
  As new goals are now deployed.

I finally know my destination,
  For in my search over many a new year,
I’ve sailed right  past the port
  Where I could dock and assuage all my fear.

I heard a  sermon
  The other day.
It told of a place where
  I want to stay.

That place is
  Where I can sow the seed,
And grow all the things
  I really need.

Relationships, security,
  Purpose and significance,
There I find life’s meaning
  And God’s plan in all  magnificence.

If I know who I am
  And what I’m about,
I don’t need to know the details
  Of my earthly route.

I can look out upon
  The New Year’s sea,
And know with God’s help
  I can go with certainty.

And as I embark upon the journey
  Of this next new year,
I’ll be walking in His way,
  With joy and no earthly fear.


Thoughts as We Set Sail into 2008

I’m going to remember this Christmas – oh, not because of any special present or event of distinction. What will stand out in my mind is that I have finally been promoted above deck swabbie into a sailor who could finally navigate life’s seas  - that is, if the understanding that it truly is more blessed to give than to receive counts for anything on this journey. I actually think I finally get it! 

I used to wonder about my mother who held all the cameras and snacks while everyone else rode the roller coaster or skied the slopes, and who really meant it when she said all she really wanted for Christmas was for everyone to get along and be happy. Now, I wouldn’t say I’ve been elevated to a Captain’s level of being above the need for personal pleasures or worldly possessions. But this Christmas, as we did give more generously to family and donations than ever before, I recognized the ingredients of what was really making me feel that this was a truly happy, merry Christmas.

I had heard on some preacher on Christian radio early in December talk about the four basic human needs of security, relationship, significance, and purpose.  That came back to me as I looked around the beautifully decorated church where we celebrated Christmas Eve and I actually did think of those less fortunate. I thought of the security I felt in the traditions of our extended family get-together requiring miles of travel, of being safe and going home to a cozily decorated house. I thanked God for the relationships that blessed my life – from my immediate family of husband and children to my 88-year-old mother, my in-laws, my siblings, and nieces and nephews. I also thought of all the relationships marked by the huge stack of Christmas cards from friends and other family. I wondered about those spending Christmas in war-torn countries, in inner-cities, and even about the inhabitants in dimly lit houses we passed that may be all alone or without the knowledge of the real reason for the celebration of this holy night.

I went on to think of how I’ve been so blessed to know different seasons of significance and purpose – ranging from wife and mother to elementary teacher to friend to my new endeavor of becoming certified as a Christian life coach. I am now privileged to come along beside women who are seeking clarity in their own search for significance and purpose – and watching what a difference finding those answers makes to their lives. What an amazing tool to be given after many years of serving the Lord in other capacities and seeing how those opportunities prepared me for this most fulfilling purpose yet.

And now, as I stand at the shore of 2008, ready to embark on unknown seas, of course I hope for success, health, and good circumstances. But, I know, as Jesus told us, “In this world there will be trouble” and I know I’m not promised smooth sailing.

Though, like Moses, I often lack confidence for the journey, also like him I finally know more clearly who I am (Heb. 11:24), what I want to be (Heb. 11:25), and what is really important in life (Heb. 11:26). I’m sure there will still be times where I long for shore and want to cower below deck. But right now, my only resolution is to continue seeking how to navigate the seas of God’s will. And with His Spirit blowing my sails in the right direction, I’m ready to sail into the depths of 2008!


Copyright © January 2008 - Sherrill Schlimpert. All rights reserved.


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