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About the Writer:
Sherrill Schlimpert

An ordinary suburban girl with an extraordinary passion for seeking the Lord’s will in her life, Sherrill is more than a poet. She is a retired elementary school teacher, mother of two grown children, and wife for over 31 years. One dreary morning's drive awakened her passion for writing prayer-poetry as God greeted her with a spectacular sunrise. Her flow of words and faith has filled two self-published books so far.



Just the Next Step

By Sherrill Schlimpert

FromCream for Your Coffee…Sherrill's Book of Poetry

The next step,
Just the next step,
Lord let that be my plea.
Not to know all
But to follow Your call,
Daily and endlessly.  

Let me see the next step,
Just the next step,
As I look to the days ahead.
I might scan the horizon,
But just let my vision
See where You have led.  

For Your next step,
Your wise next step,
Is where I want to go.
I might have my dreams
That lead me to schemes
Beyond what You would bestow.  

So as my next step,
And just my next step,
Take my worry about tomorrow.
For You’ll be with me there,
Hearing my prayer,
Even if that day holds sorrow.  

For my next step,
Just that next step,
You’ve not promised to be one of ease.
But if it’s what You’d have me do.
I’ll find peace there in You.
Be the Lord of my next step, please!


Copyright © October, 2006 - Sherrill Schlimpert. All rights reserved.

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