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Shauna Nicoletti



Wordless Witness

By Shauna Nicoletti

We watch life unfold and wonder forever what we saw.

A couple years ago, my husband Joe was sitting in his car at the beach, reading his bible, as he often does. It happened to be Easter Sunday.

Joe was doing a bit of people watching as he read and noticed an older man who came and sat on a small bench nearby. The gentleman seemed to be waiting for someone as he was all dressed up and held a beautiful white rose in his hand. He sat on the bench for quite a while, gazing out at the ocean, lost in thought.

Finally, after some time, the man stood and left, as my husband watched, leaving the rose on the bench behind.

Joe gave in to his curiosity. He wondered if the man had been stood up for a date. Joe got out of his car to see if he could figure out the mystery. Tied in a simple knot around the rose's long stem was small ribbon on which was handwritten, "Thank you God" and on the other end of the ribbon, "Thank you Jesus."




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