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About the Writer:
Sharon Dunn

Authentic before God, her family and her friends, Sharon unfolds her love for Jesus in all she does. As a faithful prayer warrior, she ours her heart into all she does. Her writings reflect the many ways she explores God's faithfulness, His Promises and His Purposes through scripture. Her hope is in the Lord.


Are You Really Worshipping?

By Sharon Dunn

Don’t you just love to watch little ones sing and do the animation?

Now if you want a crowd held at attention, cameras poised, just let those children perform!

People you couldn’t otherwise drag to church, grandparents ooh and ah shamelessly, you can count on it.

Yep, prim and proper are out the door.

Nothing’s more spell binding than watching and listening to young ones just responding from their hearts.

They mean it. They’re giving their all. Most are oblivious to those around them. Just belting out their song. Doing what they came for.

My praise verse for the day was, ll Corinthians 2:14. “Praise you God, my Jehovah Nissi (the Lord my banner), God, my Victory who always leads me in triumphal procession in Christ.”

So, you know me. I thought of a song. “His Banner Over ME Is Love.” with, of course, all the actions.

We do that song up to about adolescence.

Let’s do age progression and picture a church full of adults doing that song, motions included. How many are participating? Would you be?

Matthew 18:4 say, “Whoever humbles himself like this child is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Maybe we should change our song selections for a few services to remind us what God really wants and to experience God’s leading in triumphal procession in Christ.

I’ll do it if you will!!



Copyright © March 1, 2007 – Sharon Dunn. All rights reserved.


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