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About the Author:

As a mother of three, Regina shares her insights with humor, common sense and honest perspectives. Her authenticity is real. Her life lessons are valuable and her heart is genuine. Her biggest love is for Jesus and her hearts desire is to serve Him in all she does. Even the little things count to her.


Because of God

By Regina Murphy


Because of God....
I am alive
When I was young I did not hide
From danger, lurking
I would seek Him, then
Choose my way.


Because of God...
I have a mate
A man I love to date
In our youth we were not one
But two broken spirits.


Because of God....
I have a son
One who has won
The heart of God
and lives with Christ in him.


Because of God....
I have a son
One who has won my heart-forever
ONe who is strong in spirit and will
Making my days challenging, but still
Will give me "fooches" and snuggle
at bedtime.


Because of God...
I have a daughter
We asked God for her
and He said yes!
I dreamed of her all my days
and she's the one
Oh, how we are blessed!  


Copyright © October, 2006– Regina Murphy. All rights reserved.

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