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About the Author:

Nancy chooses to look at life as opportunities to know more about God's people and desires to pass on His unfailing love to those around her. As a young widow with growing children, Nancy's life experiences are a blend of hope through hard times and faith that has moved mountains in her life. Her writings are effective storytelling with humor, biblical insight and deep compassion.


Zachary Kent - Was It Worth What He Spent?

A Children's Story

By Nancy Hughes

Hebrews 13:5 “Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have…” (NIV)

Zachary Kent had his money all spent
By the middle of aisle #4.
Said the boy to his mother, “Please give me another
Three dollars…I have to buy MORE!

There’s things that I’m needing,” he said to her, pleading
That this stuff would help him succeed.
But his wise momma knew that his shopping was through
And he needed a lesson on greed.

“Can you tell me clearly and, yes, most sincerely,
Why you think these toys will bring joy?”
His momma leaned down with her knee on the ground
Face to face, eye to eye, with the boy.

Now Zachary Kent thought that he was just sent
A big chance to explain to his mom
Why buying these things gave his self-esteem wings
And more bucks should land right in his palm.

“Do toys make you brighter? Your backpack seem lighter?
Do they make your brown eyes turn blue?
And I have been thinking,” Mom said without blinking,
“Can you now, without help, tie your shoe?”

“Can you draw things with chalk?” she continued to talk.
Do your friends like just you or your stuff?
And I’m wondering, Honey, with all of this money,
Will you ever decide it’s enough?”

“Are you better at ball? Do the toys make you tall?
Will they be your friends, no matter what?
Can they hug you at night? Tuck you in your bed tight?
Oh, my dear son, is that what you thought?”

Zachary Kent saw just what his mom meant
When she taught him a lesson on greed.
Though you buy all that stuff, it is never enough
There’s a difference between “want” and “need.”

All the toys in the earth could not ever be worth
Just one hug or a pat on the back.
Money never replaces the smiles on the faces
Of friends who say, “Way to go, Zach!”

Zachary Kent had not one dollar spent
By the middle of aisle #4.
Mom had taught in a flash that no matter the cash,
You’ll get less if you always want more.



Copyright © January 3, 2007 – Nancy Hughes. All rights reserved.

Editor's Note:

Nancy Hughes manuscript for "Healing for the Heart...A Guide for Survival in the World of the Widow" has been accepted by Harvesthouse Publishing Company. Congratulations, Nancy! Nancy is in the process of completing and final editing of this book about "Widowhood" and continues to write and minister to students as a high school nurse.

This children's story, "Grandma Has to Go Away," was written after Nancy experienced the loss of her sister to cancer. The song in the story is one that Nancy wrote as well as developed the music. Nancy's deepest desire is to continue to share the hope and healing of Christ to all through her storytelling and biblical truths.


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