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About the Writer:

Nancy chooses to look at life as opportunities to know more about God's people and desires to pass on His unfailing love to those around her. As a young widow with growing children, Nancy's life experiences are a blend of hope through hard times and faith that has moved mountains in her life. Her writings are effective storytelling with humor, biblical insight and deep compassion.


Lola B. and the Skinned Up Knee

A Children's Story

By Nancy Hughes


Key Verse: Psalms 119:11 “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” (NIV)


The day had started out just fine for little Lola B.
That is, until the moment that she got the skinned up knee.
She woke up just like always, ready for the brand new day
And never dreamed the lesson she would learn along the way.

I guess the story goes (according to the girl next door)
That Lola played with every toy she owned the day before.
She rode her bike, she flew a kite, she sipped tea with her doll.
She piled up blocks, she painted rocks, she played catch with a ball.

She climbed a tree and monkey bars and climbed them both again.
She read a book and then two more and colored with her pen.
Then suddenly she thought about the one toy she forgot:
Her skateboard! Lola kicked her heels and took off like a shot!

“Hey, Mom!” she called as Mother played with little brother Jack
“I’m going down the sidewalk with my skateboard. I’ll be back!”
“Now Lola B.” her mother called as she went racing past.
Remember to be safe with that and please don’t go too fast!”

But Lola B heard not a word her Mother said that day
Because she thought “No one can tell ME just how I should play.”
Her mom had warned her many times “Be careful, Lola B.!”
But Lola only smiled and said “Don’t worry about me!”

Then suddenly the smile was gone from little Lola’s face.
Her skateboard hit a hole and she was flying into space.
And if that wasn’t bad enough for little Lola B.,
The next thing that she knew she landed right upon her knee!

The tears were everywhere as Mother scooped up Lola B.
And whispered softly to her as she bandaged up the knee,
“Oh, Lola, do you see why Momma tried to slow you down?
The last thing that I wanted was for you to hit the ground.

I’ll share with you a lesson but I’m very sad to say,
That when I was a little girl, I learned it the hard way.
My mommy said “Please ride your bike as careful as can be.”
But all I did was smile and say “Don’t worry about me!

Then one day I rode very fast and hit a great big bump.
I felt myself fly through the air and land with a ker-thump!
My mommy picked me up and was as gentle as could be.
The last thing that she wanted was for me to hurt my knee.

Those times I say “Don’t go too fast! Be careful, Lola B.”
It’s ‘cause I’m looking out for you like my mom did for me!
We all must learn we can get hurt when we do not obey.
The bandage on your knee tells me you found out the hard way.”

The day had started out just fine for little Lola B.
Except, of course, for that sad time when she had hurt her knee.
‘Cause she had learned a lesson that she hid inside her heart:
The wisdom of a mom is how her day should always start!



Copyright © October, 2006 – Nancy Hughes. All rights reserved.


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