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Nancy shares her heart and her faith in her writing. She is an avid sports enthusiast, an encourager to her husband, friends and family and a hardworking servant for the Lord in her church, the local Pregnancy Resource Center, and at her job in a Christian University. With everything in her, she loves the Lord most!


An Angel In The Night

By Nancy Funke

Synopsis: One act of kindness leads to life for an expectant mother and unborn child.

The Monday evening shift was coming to an end when a call came. The PRC Volunteer was immediately in touch with a very much abortion minded young lady. The conversation went on as Janice drew on all her training and the prayers of her co-workers as she talked with “Angel”. As the conversation progressed it was learned that “Angel” did not have a car, lived in North County area, and was willing to visit the Central West End office as it was open on Saturday. With the assistance of a North County PRC resident, they went to the CWE office for an early morning appointment. First stop – Hardee’s for a quick breakfast. Along the way to the office it was learned that she graduated from college and just moved up here a couple months earlier from out of state as was employed by a local corporation. She had not had the opportunity to meet many friends, get involved in a church, etc. She shared that when she realized she was pregnant she visited her doctor. He did an ultra sound but she did not want to look - abortion was her automatic decision.

After about 2 hours with the CWE counselor and ultra sound technician, the two ladies headed back to the car – next step was lunch. Before the van left the lot, “Angel” looked at the driver and asked if she could share something. At that point the ultra sound pictures were shared between the two. This time “Angel” looked and watched. The new decision was made to carry the baby full-term and raise him herself. From the CWE office to Bridgeton Applebee’s the topic covered was what next: changing work insurance to full coverage, getting back to her o.b. to start pre-natal care, single-parenting, finding a good sitter, sharing with her parents, finding a church home, finding a car, and everything in between.

The conversation did not stop that one Saturday morning. Notes, cards, and phone calls have been shared. Pretty soon the best thing will be shared – the arrival of a brand new baby boy. To God be the glory and all the praise.

Copyright © October 21, 2005 – Nancy Funke. All rights reserved.


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