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With a beautiful and tender heart, Myrna loves God with all she is. She shares with her children and her friends the basic truths of faith the Lord has taught her. Her enthusiasm as a believer is contagious and through all the challenges she's faces, she continues to give God glory and point others to Jesus.



Purrr-fect Love

By Myrna Boyer

I had a beautiful Calico Cat named Gizmo. She was the very light coloring type of Calico consisting of cream, pale gray, and pale tan. She had emerald green eyes and had an unusually slender frame. Soaking wet she may have weighed three or four pounds maximum. She lived to be the ripe old age of 17. Gizmo outlasted two marriages and became my confidante and close friend during my period of mourning over shattered love. After I came to know Jesus as my close and personal friend and He became my Comforter, Gizmo still continued as my treasured companion. She was a very big part of my family.

There are so many things that stir up my memory every time I think about Gizmo. She was a very unusual cat. When I came home, she would run to the door and meow. Her meow sounded just like she was saying “Mom”, only more drawn out like “Mauum”. It always tickled my heart.

She also had this habit of jumping up beside me on the couch and climbing up to my shoulder. She wrapped her slender body around my neck letting her legs dangle down on either side. She began rubbing her face gently against mine purring the entire time.

I’m quite sure Gizmo tried to speak to me. However, all that came out of her mouth was air from all the purring. She had this immense look of love in her eyes. She loved to lick my cheek. (My kiss). I was the only person that she ever kissed.

When I washed dishes, Gizmo jumped up on the counter beside me and we carried on long conversations. I talked to her and she responded with meows at the appropriate time. When we finished washing dishes, I helped her off the counter, and then she would wind her slender body around my ankles continuously forming the number eight as she went. She needed me to acknowledge her during these times of affection. If I didn’t, she ceased snuggling and sat patiently waiting close by for me to finish my household task.

Many times I was unaware she was behind me and I would step on her paw or her tail during my time of cleaning. Gizmo would screech the most blood gurgling sound. Accidentally hurting her would bring me quickly to tears, and like she was a child, I picked her up and kissed the area that I damaged with my weight. She always gave me a kiss to reassure me that she was okay and all was forgiven. When her kitty litter or her food/water dish required my attention she sat beside them and meowed until I acknowledged her need and remedied the situation.

The one thing I remember most about Gizmo was her unfailing love. No matter how often I ignored her, neglected her food dish, stepped on her paw or tail, Gizmo never ceased loving me or being devoted to me. Despite my short comings, she always ran to the door to greet me.

Gizmo’s unfailing love always makes me ponder the unfailing love of our heavenly Father. How many times have we made Him cry? How many times have we neglected our relationship with Him? How many times have we ignored Him?

Thank God that He is not like me. Despite all the wrong I have done to Him and the pain that I caused Him throughout my life, He has always been there during my times of need. God always gives me comfort and shows me the correct path to take. He opens the right doors that I need to pass through. He never leaves me feeling unwanted or humiliated despite my bad decisions. When I ask, God is there. And, unlike me, the Father is totally devoted to me, His daughter.

I had this void in my life. All the drugs, alcohol, friendships, nothing ever could fill that void until I came to know Jesus. The Bible says if you seek the Lord you God, you will find him if you look for him with all you heart and soul in Deuteronomy 4:28 -30. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer in Matthew 21:21-23. Seek his will in all you do, and he will direct your paths Proverbs 3:5-7.

I had no idea what paths to go down until I sought after Jesus. He is slowly changing my heart daily to be more like him. He will do the same for you if you simply ask.


Copyright © May 5, 2006 – Myrna Boyer. All rights reserved


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