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With a beautiful and tender heart, Myrna loves God with all she is. She shares with her children and her friends the basic truths of faith the Lord has taught her. Her enthusiasm as a believer is contagious and through all the challenges she's faces, she continues to give God glory and point others to Jesus.



Revved for Jesus: Faith in Times of Trials

By Myrna Boyer

I have a prayer that I say every time that I get into my car. My childhood babysitter taught it to me. It goes like this:

“Dear Lord, take me where I go safe and sound. Don’t let me run into anyone, or anyone run into me. Let my guardian Angel go ahead of me and keep my pathway clear. I ask these things in Your Precious Name. I Love you Jesus. AMEN.”

I have taught my children this prayer also. I have found God faithful to these request.

On October 26, 2005 , I left for work as usual at about 6:00 in the morning. I got into my car, prayed and drove away. On this particular morning I was driving in the far left lane of a complicated part of the highway in our area. Traffic was very heavy this morning. As I rounded a corner, I came in contact with a sixteen-car pileup. Contact. Did you catch that? I was car number nine. When the car behind me collided into my rear end, my car lunged underneath a truck in front of me. My car hood buckled with a life-saving crunch. I realized quickly that the buckled car hood protected me from going under the truck in front of me.

This particular pileup was started by a semi truck driver who was uncomfortable with how close the car behind him was traveling and decided to slam on his brakes. These particular actions caused the pileup. The truck driver drove on leaving everyone else to pick up the pieces.

Now, I know that you are thinking that this was amazing. Something so stupid could have killed people, including me. Only God could have orchestrated the protection that happened that day. But I am here to tell you that it gets better. When the police arrived on the scene, we were all concerned about my car exploding. Out of all sixteen vehicles, my car was wrecked the most in the pileup. An officer disconnected the battery to ensure that this would not happen. And we all backed away from the scene.

I was placed in the back of a police car for protection and to settle down. Yes, I was definitely upset. Sitting next to me in the back seat was a young man in hand cuffs. You can only imagine what I was thinking at this point. Another young man was placed in the front seat next to the officer and we were all taken to the police station. The police officer reported to me that my car was totaled and he was taking me and the other victim of the car pileup to the police station so we could use the phone and make our own transportation arrangements. I assume the man in handcuffs was going to the police station for other reasons.

As I was waiting for my ride to arrive, I began talking to God. I told Him that I could not wait to see how HE worked this situation out. You see, I am a single mother with three children and a very limited income. I knew there was absolutely no way I could possibly get another car. I could never afford a car payment in my already tight budget. I put the whole situation into God’s hands. Frankly, there was nothing else I could do. Then I began thanking Him for whatever he was about to do.

I arrived at work at 10:30 that morning. There were two voice mail messages on my phone from my mother. Her voice sounded desperate and worried. Since no one outside of my office knew anything about the accident at this time, I didn’t expect her to be upset about me. When I called her back, the first thing that she said was "What is going on? What is wrong?" I had absolutely no idea what on earth she was talking about.

I asked her why she was asking, and her answer surprised me even more. She told me that God had put me on her heart. I proceeded to tell her about my morning and how my car had been totaled. As our call ended, she told me that she would be praying for me. Since she lives out of the area and was busy with her own life, I appreciated God nudging her to check on me and valued her prayers for me in so many ways. Although I wasn’t aware my mother was an avid prayer warrior, I realized God uses all sorts of circumstances to bring us and others closer to Him.

As the day progressed, I realized my shoulder was damaged in the collision. Soon, I was in a lot of pain. Near the end of the work day, I was worn out and ready to just go home and rest. Then, I received a phone call from my mother again. I was speechless with what God was doing through her.

Calmly, she said, “I just bought you a car.” As she gave me the details of the sales tax, the licensing expenses and the full coverage car insurance she had also taken care of for me, I was dazed and amazed. She made all the arrangements long distance and contacted a dealership near where I live for me to take delivery of the car. “You can pick it up on Friday. It is a 2005 Taurus SE. I love you!!!”

I cried like a baby. I cry easily anyway, but now I was a complete basket case. I couldn’t believe God worked His miracle through my mom. It was an extraordinary gesture on her part, and I will always be grateful to her listening to God nudge her not only to call me, not only to pray for me, but also to be used by Him to meet my real needs.

Now that I am on the other side of the tragedy, I see God’s hand everywhere in that wreck. My old two-door car was far too small for my children who are all getting older and growing taller, while the new Taurus has plenty of room for all of us. And, God also used a selfless act of my mother’s gift to show me tangibly that she loves me and so does He. And, through it all, He protected me, preserved my life, and blessed me.

With God, all things really are possible.

Copyright © August 21, 2006 – Myrna Boyer. All rights reserved


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