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With a beautiful and tender heart, Myrna loves God with all she is. She shares with her children and her friends the basic truths of faith the Lord has taught her. Her enthusiasm as a believer is contagious and through all the challenges she's faces, she continues to give God glory and point others to Jesus.



Answered Prayer

By Myrna Boyer

When I was a little girl (6 years old), my family was involved in a tornado. It was before they had tornado sirens and all the new security systems that communities have put into effect to alert their community of impending dangers. Back then police, just drove through subdivisions and spoke over loud speakers telling people what to do at any given moment.

On this particular January day my family (which consisted of my mother, brother, and me) were sitting in the living room and playing a game. We heard the sound of what sounded like a train coming, which was peculiar in itself since we lived nowhere near train tracks. Upon hearing this sound, my brother ran and hid under a divan that we had. Our lights went out, so my mother went into her bedroom to grab some candles to light. At that very moment, police drove up the street telling everyone to take cover because a tornado had touched down. My mother came flying out of her bedroom . To me she seemed to be traveling faster than the speed of sound. I was unaware of what a tornado was or how in danger I was at this moment. As she flew down the hall she was calling to my brother wanting to make sure that wherever he was hiding was a safe enough place for him. We didn’t have a basement in our home. When she was halfway down the hallway, her bedroom which she had just come out of flew away. The hallway ceiling was collapsing down behind her as she came to my aid. It was apparent to her that her and I had no time to seek safety and I was laying on our living room floor. As she told my brother to stay where he was so he would be safe, she covered my body with hers in front of the picture window. All of a sudden our car came crashing through the living room wall missing us by mere feet. A huge tree limb came flying through the roof in our living room and was heading straight for our heads. It was very apparent to anyone that was watching us at this moment, that we were going to be killed momentarily.

We chose to not panic, but instead the two of us began to pray for our heavenly fathers assistance. Did he fail us? I guess that answer is apparent since I am able to tell you this miraculous story. As we prayed the huge branch did a total u-turn and flew back out of the roof that it had entered into, only moments earlier. We escaped with our lives and merely needed stitches for the cuts from flying glass. The Bible says in Matthew 18 For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them. Matthew 6 says your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him. And we can ‘t possibly forget that wonderful passage in Psalms 23 that states Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me.

I am living proof that miracles still happen today. God has changed my life. He has spared me to use me to tell others of his mighty powers and immense love for them. I am no one special. If you saw me on the street, I in no way stand out from the next guy. But I am here and I can tell you without hesitation that there is a God and he is alive and active today. He will do what needs to be done in any situation if you will just trust and obey. That peace that you are seeking is in him. That void you are feeling can only be filled by him. That sweet voice you hear in you head is his. He is all that you need yesterday, today, and always. Will you come?


Copyright © March 22, 2006 – Myrna Boyer. All rights reserved.


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