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With a love of all things living great and small, MaryAnn greets audiences right where they live. Her style of faith is simple and practical. The flowers of the field are dressed in the finery MaryAnn appreciates as a gift from God. Take your cup of tea to the nearest window or garden while reading MaryAnn's articles - in order to have the visual accompaniment.



God's Love

By MaryAnn Fink

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” (2 Cor. 13:14)

I know the best place to experience God’s love for me is the outdoors away from daily distractions.

A momentary pause shared with a passing butterfly resting on a flower or a stroll along a stream bank allows me to scan for evidence of living life as it is given. This is the path that fulfills my being. In these moments I find my place and say my prayer. Here I am filled with the awe of his power in a single seed sprouting to life. I am comforted by his gentle hand that keeps the glade’s fragile balance. I beg for the same eternal mercy that is displayed in the endless cycle of life.

My body and soul hunger for these briefly captured moments of respite. I can enjoy the innocent flavor of the small serviceberry that waited for me with no expectations. This gift of food feeds my need to seek God without understanding his plan. This blue round carrier of life doesn’t need to know its intended purpose beyond "It is."  I am humbled.  I pray to be just as open and accepting as this fertile bundle of branches that offers life and nourishment to those in need. It lives in harmony with others, bearing the fruit that repeats the evidence of His love with the miracle of life, all over again.

My daily praye r-

Thank you God for letting nature happen as if for my benefit alone. Every day I pray to remember to live and give your love as generously as you have been with this imperfect me. Help me follow your heart.  I beg you to place me where I need to be today, fill my mouth with your voice and give me the strength repeat, like the serviceberry, the evidence of your love to others. For those who fill my heart, share with them a part of me when they feel a whim, see a fleeting sparkle, or hear a whispered thought. Let them know I will always be with them because of you.

I pray for strength to share my faith in you in whatever way is your will. Draw me to the touch of the breeze, let me return the kiss of the sun and as darkness falls, draw me to the shelter of your star blanketed sky.

Even as I bathe my face in the moonlight, let me feel you are there. I seek you with a tender song in my heart.  I ask to feel your love in these precious moments when my heart is open and my eyes and soul seek you.

Thank you for your promise of eternal peace. Always keep me by your side dear Lord. You alone bring life and peace to all your creatures and creations. I pray someday to share in life everlasting with you, feeling the joy of the songbird, the freedom of the eagle and the peace of a sleeping baby. Fill me daily with warmth like the sun, knowing your love. Amen.


Copyright © November 2008 – MaryAnn Fink. All rights reserved.

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