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Leigh Gray

Leigh Gray

Leigh Gray is married to Clayton and has four children: Tucker, Emmajoy, Sarahjane, and Elleigh. She is the author of Mommy Moments Devotional booklet and Journaling the Joy of Jesus; an intimate look into her personal walk with the LORD.  Leigh is the Co-Founder of Speaking Thru Me Ministries, a fee-free event resource for churches.  You can find more information about Leigh Gray at:


That Is Enough - He Is Enough

by Leigh Gray

I was doing some studying this week in a book of the Bible that kind of scares me - Lamentations. I am very intimidated by people that are suffering from depression or are by nature just very negative or actually just not as hyper and joyous that I tend to be most of the time – well, sort of... I am intimidated because I am scared I am going to bug them and not say the right things. I know all the answers of - just be there - don't say a word - just listen - I know all that from my psychology background in counseling, but still it scares me. Lamentations is that kind of book - the laments of Jeremiah and he is very doom and gloom about the people of God. But my faithful Lord gave me a nugget - I will get to that.

Even in Jeremiah's doom and gloom I learned from one of my favorite preachers and authors, John Piper, that this book was a well thought out poem. For the most part, each chapter is written in a Hebrew alphabet acrostic. But chapter 3 - where I have received my nugget - it is not only an acrostic, but it is written with 3 lines per verse and each of those 3 lines begins with the same letter of the corresponding letter in the Hebrew alphabet!! Dude - that is amazing... I so wish I could go to seminary - well, but then again I would have to study! It is enough for me to get through kindergarten sight words, 2nd grade spelling, and 4th grade States and capitals – not to mention all the reading we are “required” to do in preschool. But if we don't know the original language how will we or I ever know - oh yeah we have all these study aides!! Thank you Lord!

I long to know when God is speaking to me. Do you? Do you know when He is speaking to you? I long to walk in His plan and hear His directions. I long to know when I have messed up and when to go back! I long to know He loves me and to hear it from time to time. I just want to hear God Speaking!

He does speak and most times if I will listen closely it is so obvious! I was talking to a friend the other day on the phone and she was telling me about not knowing what God was telling her. But she had just told me all these things about the situation. It was very obvious to me - from the outside - what He was speaking to her. But she was not quite at the point to see it that way for various reasons. Possibly that was not the answer she was looking for. Or she was expecting her answer to be very different or at least come in a different fashion. He was speaking!

In the song "God Speaking" by Mandisa she sings "God wants you to know that He is enough". Oh how at this time in my life that speak volumes. The kids and I are on a Mandisa splurge right now - we can not get enough of this past American Idol contestant's incredible voice. And we sound quite good with it turned up so that the people on the outside can hear it well too! ha! But God did speak to me through that song saying, "Leigh, do you now know that I am enough?" Quickly I replied with tears in my eyes trying to drive through crying, "Oh yes Father - more than enough! Thank you!!"

"I say to myself, "The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him." Lam. 3:24 When Jeremiah penned those words it was not that he was depressed as a person, he was lamenting the fact that his people, God's people, were no longer acknowledging their Portion. God was screaming out in His way He is enough and they were missing it. Not only were they missing it they had turned from all the good they had ever known and heading down the destructive path. All paths are destructive if they are not led by Jesus! Do you know that? Are you missing it?

Oh Lord, I know You are enough and You are more than enough. Help my life to live that belief! Help me to walk in such a way that it is obvious to at least Satan that I do know He is enough! Not clothes, not money, not food, not even friends - But my Jesus is enough!! Amazing Grace - my chains are gone. I have been set free!! He is my portion!!! Amen!!

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