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With a genuine servant's heart, a gift for words and for being a grandma, Kim shares the valuable lessons and her insights in her writing. God has taught her much as a mother of two: a grown son and a son in highschool. Her life experiences and faith through trials encourage us all to expect God to Comfort and Heal.



By Kim Pitman

I wonder how many times a day God hears the word why. I know that I ask Him why a lot. Don’t you? When things don’t go our way we want to always know why. When His answer is no, we want to always know why. But scripture says that He never gets tired of our asking and talking to Him, and He wants to hear from us 24/7.

Anybody that’s had a 2 or 3 year old knows what it’s like to be asked why a hundred million umpteen times in a day. Now multiply that by every person in the world. Good thing our God is a mighty God isn’t it?

Even though He knows before we think or speak our requests what we are going to say, He loves us and desires a deeper relationship with us. When you met your husband (or wife) what did you do most of the time? Talk, talk, talk. For hours and hours you asked him questions and got to know him through those conversations. That’s the way we draw closer to God. We have conversations with Him. We speak and then we listen for His answers. And sometimes when we don’t get the answer we want we ask, “Why?”

In Psalm 5:3 David writes, “In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” (Emphasis mine.) How many times have you prayed quickly and then went on about your business and did not wait in expectation? My 18 year-old, Drew, doesn’t live with me anymore but when he comes I have to say to him, “Leave sometime to talk to your mom, please.” I desire to continue our relationship and to do that I must have conversations with him. Two-way conversations where I can ask him questions and listen closely to find out what’s he’s doing and thinking.

To get to a deeper closeness we must have exchanges with our Father too. We can ask our questions, even why, and then sit quietly to hear His answer. We can read His Word out loud to Him. And as we ask our questions or read His Word, He is drawing close to us. When was the last time you had time for your heavenly Father? He’s waiting for you.



Copyright © July 25, 2007 – Kim Pitman. All rights reserved.


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