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With a genuine servant's heart, a gift for words and for being a grandma, Kim shares the valuable lessons and her insights in her writing. God has taught her much as a mother of two: a grown son and a son in highschool. Her life experiences and faith through trials encourage us all to expect God to Comfort and Heal.


Ten Little Turtles

By Kim Pitman

Little Turtles In a little pond near my home live little turtles. Some days you can see them just sitting on the cement drainage pipe that is near one end of the pond. They appear to be sunning themselves. They probably have many more friends but I can usually only see 10 or so.

It makes me smile to see them basking in the sun as they escape the cold water of the pond. The ducks and geese just sit on the bank and watch. They like to sit on the drainage pipe and sun too. They don't do much thinking I don't expect but they are out there in the sun just enjoying the creation that they are a part of.

It makes me wonder how much of creation we really enjoy. We get caught up in our day to day busyness. Going hither and yon doing "important" things but we don't spend much time in the outside world that our heavenly Father gave us.

This time of year with all the cool temperatures and leaves turning all sorts of yellows, reds, oranges, and browns it is the perfect time to get outside to become part of creation. Just enjoying the sun as the leaves fall to the ground around us and wondering at the mind of God and how far above us it is.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8

How great is our God who knew exactly what we needed when he created the earth!

To know that He gave us four seasons because we would need what each season brings to our well being and our lives. Winter and it's cold and snow allows the ground to rest and prepare for spring. Winter gives us a chance to withdraw from the world a little and cocoon with our families. Spring follows winter with rain that replenishes the earth and winds that spread the seeds from place to place and give us new growth and new life. Then comes summer with its warm temperatures and sunny days that allow the plants to grow and mature and provide for our needs and the animals needs as well.

Autumn arrives as the air starts to cool and the days grow shorter. The leaves begin their changing into the colors of fall. It's as if the trees say, "Whew! We're tired. We've been providing your human creation with shade all spring and summer. We're giving up our leaves for our long winters rest." And then autumn bows out and winter comes again bringing snow and cold and rest for the earth.

We as His children need to do what those little turtles, the trees, and the rest of the earth do and that is to bask in the Son and His Light. How does one bask in the Son and His Light?

You probably already know what to do. The question is do you take time to do it? Do you take time to sit quietly "at His feet" praying and reading His Word? Jesus said that His sheep know His voice. How can you know His voice? By listening to it. He longs to talk to you. Will you go to Him today?



Copyright © November, 2008 – Kim Pitman. All rights reserved.


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