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As a wife, mother, daughter, friend and believer, Jo explores the work of God in all her roles and situations. With a deep hunger to learn more about the ways of the Lord, Jo conveys the truths she's learned through vivid descriptions and personal stories. Her love of Jesus carries her and her writing expresses her deepest love.


Alzheimer Eyes

By Jo Ludwig

Look deep in my eyes
I can speak to you there
Can you hear my deep cry
Can you sense the despair

I know this is the end
And it’s okay with me
But your momma’s not ready
She won’t listen you see

This disease is now winning
I am ready to go
And spend life with my Jesus
Where we all want to go

Could you help her get ready
So I can say my goodbyes
And go live up in heaven
In the eternal skies

I am ready to leave
There’s nothing left here for me
I no longer think, hear or smell
Nor do I see

I feel your touch but it’s foreign to me
I hate being dumb
It is not who I am
I’m scared and quite lonely in this shell of a man

My soul is prepared
God helped me to see
Can we move on with God’s plan
I am ready to be free

Yes I know where it’s going
I am ready, she’s not
So please look in my eyes
Please try reading my thoughts

Just look deep in my eyes
I will speak to you there
Let me go to God’s home
Where I’ll wait for you there.


Copyright © January 29, 2007– Jo Ludwig. All rights reserved.

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