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As a hardworking single mom with a very active 16 year old daughter, Jenny captures her love for God through her words and meditations from spending time in nature. Her testimony reveals God's grace and hope through life's circumstances. She cherishes all of God's creation especially people and animals.


You're Never Alone

By Jenny Kreftmeyer Althen

The Everlasting Father, A Prince of Peace

Once again I was in that terrible place in my life, where the emotional pain felt like it was going to swallow me. Whenever we lose someone whether it is by death, divorce, or a parting of ways, the pain of heartache feels sometimes unbearable.

I trust in God, and I believe I am at this place for a reason, and I may never know why, I just have to trust God. Talking to a friend always seems to help, but what do you do when it is time to go to bed.

So there I laid one part of me so exhausted, I needed to sleep. The other part of me needed someone to hold me. I was feeling so lonely, like I would never have anyone in my life that would truly love me.

I remember when I was an eighteen year old girl; a boy had hurt my feelings. I crawled onto my dad’s lap, and cried. I only went to him one time for comfort, but he was there. It made him feel special, and it made me feel loved and protected. My father passed away eight years ago, so this time I couldn’t go to him for support.

So I prayed, “Please Heavenly Father, I have no one here to help me, can you comfort me? Please embrace me like a father embraces their children, so that I can feel your love. Please just hold me until I fall asleep.” After a little bit, I felt at peace. I knew things would be okay, and I drifted off to sleep.


Copyright © May, 2007 – Jenny Kreftmeyer Althen. All rights reserved.


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