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About the Writer:

As a hardworking single mom with a very active 16 year old daughter, Jenny captures her love for God through her words and meditations from spending time in nature. Her testimony reveals God's grace and hope through life's circumstances. She cherishes all of God's creation especially people and animals.


Still Kicking on Route 66

By Jenny Kreftmeyer Althen

Children are so much more perceptive than adults realize. I knew my entire life that I was not planned or really wanted by my parents. Their lack of affection, attention, and concern for me, taught me that.

However, it was the day my father came to my home to talk to me, that I realized how very in tune I was.

He never visited by himself, he was getting older, and never left home without mother; he seldom drove anymore, except in our small town.

Surprised by his visit, I first thought something was wrong with mom.He assured me she was fine, as he sat down at the dining room table. His head hung down as if he was ashamed, “I came to talk to you. I need to tell you this.”

I knew he was serious, and I wondered, what he was going to say, and I worried if I would be prepared to hear his words.

His eyes welled up with tears, “We almost aborted you. We didn’t think we could handle a fifth child, especially with us being almost forty years old, plus running two businesses.”

During the time of my mother’s pregnancy, my father was an alcoholic, and he abused my mother, brothers, and sisters.  My mother was a workaholic, plus full of resentment for all of the things my father had done. This left very little love to give to us.

Even though abortion was illegal at the time, it still was practiced. Dad found a place close to the city, so they began their journey on Route 66.

They drove for over an hour, and hardly spoke. As they approached St. Louis he asked mom if she thought they could handle one more child. She said yes.  He told me the exact location where he turned the car around, and we headed home.

With my upbringing none of this really surprised me.  It just verified that the feelings I had as a child, unfortunately were right on target. Hearing the truth from my father, and the length they were going to go to be rid of me was painful, and at first I was angry.

However, one thing really changed in my heart that day.  Even though my parents weren’t sure they wanted me, my heavenly Father wanted me to be here.

I knew then that my life wasn’t a mistake. I was part of God’s plan.


Copyright © December 26, 2005 – Jenny Kreftmeyer Althen. All rights reserved.


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