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A wonderful sense of humor and an industrious nature sees Jean through her busy days and nights as a wife, mother, entrepreneur and employee at a local business. Her gift for storytelling and identifying Godly perspectives in everyday situations makes reading her work a treasured experience.


The Tiny King's Soldier

By Sam and his mommy Jean Leek

Synopsis: Jean's son, Sam, also writes stories. For as young as he is, he has a gift for story telling and details from his imagination already.

In a land where watermelons are orange and grapes are giant, there lived a tiny king named King Acorn. King Acorn was always a good king. He was careful to share the many gifts of his kingdom with all its citizens. The king would even celebrate birthdays of each of its citizens. He would take extra special care to be sure everyone knew how important they were to him and to others in their kingdomly community.

For each persons birthday the tiny king was sure that there were newspaper stories to commemorate the event, there were pictures and banners and beautifully decorated birthday cakes. The king would also give a wonderful and very special gift to each person in his kingdom on their birthday.

Although each citizen was extremely happy that the king had remembered their birthday, no one in the kingdom ever thought to ask when the tiny king may be having his birthday.

One day a soldier had heard that tiny King Acorn was a good king and would always help those in difficulty or in need. The soldier was poor and had not been able to work for a long time. So, he traveled on foot to see tiny King Acorn to ask for help and a job.

When the soldier arrived at the palace, tiny King Acorn was busy cleaning up from the day’s birthday party celebration. All of the guests had gone home, leaving their trash and mess behind for the tiny king to clean up.

When the soldier entered the Kingdom Celebration Room, he saw large amounts of paper and trash and crumbs and wrapping paper left all over the room. And there in the middle of the mess was tiny King Acorn sweeping up the mess into a large pile in the center of the room.

The soldier didn’t say a word to the king. Instead the soldier picked up a large trash bag and broom and began to fill it from the mess left all around the Kingdom Celebration Party room.

Hour after hour, tiny King Acorn and the soldier scooped, and swept and dragged full trash bags from the party room out to the trashcans and recycling bins.

Side by side and without a word, each worked hard to get the Kingdom Celebration Party room clean. When the last of the trash was removed, and all the dishes were done and all the floors were mopped and shined, tiny King Acorn turned to the soldier and thanked him for his kindness and help.

Tiny King Acorn had asked the soldier why he had come to his kingdom this day. He was sure that the soldier had not come just to help clean the party room from the most recent birthday celebration.

The soldier explained that he had heard of the kindness of tiny King Acorn and wanted to meet the king whom so many admired and loved. He was sure that a king of such ability and nobility would certainly be able to offer his advice on what the soldier may do to get a job and help others in his community, like the tiny king.

And when the soldier saw all of the work that needed to be done, and how all alone tiny King Acorn had been taking care of the citizens of his kingdom, the soldier knew the best thing he could do would be to be helpful to the tiny king. The soldier knew that this was something special which he could give to the tiny king.

The soldier’s gift would be something that no one else in the kingdom had thought to give tiny King Acorn.

The soldier decided to give the king his time. Time to be with one another is such a precious gift, and should never be given away lightly or sparingly.

The tiny king was so impressed with the goodness which the soldier had shown him, King Acorn decided to invite the soldier into the palace to live and help in the many celebrations and kingdom activities around the palace.

The soldier was so grateful that he asked the tiny king when the kingdom would be celebrating the birthday of King Acorn. A tear came to King Acorn’s eye.

“You see,” the king explained, “I wanted to show the citizens in my kingdom how wonderful it felt to be special.” King Acorn was sure that by his example, others may remember their own feelings of specialness and pass it on to others. But after these many years, no one had ever asked for the birthday of King Acorn. But the soldier was the only one who recognized the kindness and love in his heart to ask.

So, the soldier decided that it would be his honor, to help tiny King Acorn with his many kingly duties.

And soon the soldier planned the most splendid and happy birthday party ever for tiny King Acorn.

All of the kingdom gathered together to celebrate. It was a fine day in the kingdom.

The end!

Copyright © October 3,2005 – Jean Leek. All rights reserved.


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