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About the Writer:
Heather Cox - Writer

Heather Cox is a freelance mom who also doubles as a writer. She married a country boy and lives in a country home with her three country kids. Her family lives in Wisconsin. Heather's passion is to teach the Word of God in a spirit of love with her life and her words.



Treasure, Pearls and Jewels

By Heather Cox

In the dirt, something sparkles.
He digs deeper, unearthing the treasure.
Removing the cloth from His pocket, He begins to restore the jewel’s shine. Shimmering, glowing, beauty bestowing.
The jewel is YOU.

The investor sees an unusual treasure.
It’s a gamble, but it’s worth it.
He puts all of His earnings, all of His investment into one little pearl.
Full of hope, full of potential, full of value.
The pearl is ME.

A simple stroll through a field ended in a surprise.
Something so wonderful you’d give away your life to keep it forever.
Something so beautiful nothing compares.
Limitless love, marvelous grace, amazing sacrifice.
The treasure is HIM.

He gave up everything for you.
Will you give up everything for Him?


Copyright © October , 2007 – Heather Cox. All rights reserved

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