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About the Writer:
Ginger Moore

Ginger Moore

Ginger Moore is a native of Tennessee and
currently resides in the Nashville area. She is a
wife and mother of three blessings ages 3, 6
and 8. Her heart for wanting to see other
women develop an intimate relationship with
the Lord has led her to be the Director of the
Women’s Ministry at Parkway Baptist Church
in Goodtettsville, TN. Ginger is the Co-Founder of Speaking Thru Me Ministries, a fee-free event resource for churches.  You can find more information about Ginger at:


Are You Drowning?

by Ginger Moore

"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what is lost."
Luke 19:10

First, I need to tell you a little about Jamison. He is 3 and if there is such a thing as being 200% boy, then he is it! If I had not raised two other children before him I would totally be questioning my parenting skills. He makes me look 200% irresponsible! He is adventurous and as quick as lightening. Thus the reason for two ER visits and in a completely unrelated case, a call to 911 where police were involved!!! At this time I need to remind you he is only 3 and look at what all he's already done :( YIKES!! As I type this he is trying to convince me that it is OK to sword fight with his Dad's screwdriver!

But, I can't leave you with that impression. He is also the most affectionate of my children. He holds my hand all over the house. Literally, one day it took me nearly one hour to put groceries up because I did it one handed. If he is not holding my hand, he is holding my shirt tail or my leg. He showers me with kisses and his preference is smack on the lips! He has fallen asleep at my feet on our hard wood kitchen floor while I did the dishes. If we are in a room together and I leave that room without him, he comes running fussing to me, "Mommy, you lost me!" He is my blue eyed shadow, and most of the time and I wouldn't have it any other way.

But one day, at swim lessons, he really did give me a scare. Jamison slid into the water off the pool steps and was in over his head. There were only 4 kids in the swim class, but the instructor was at the opposite end of the pool helping another child. I did not even see Jamison fall in; I just happened to look that way. He was under and not even making any splashes. His eyes were open and his mouth was open. He would slightly float up, but not even high enough to take another breath. I jumped into the pool clothes and all. When I pulled him out he coughed some and was crying, "Mommy, I go under." Of course my heart was racing and I was near tears when I pulled him up I had no idea what to expect. I was thrilled that he was going to be OK, but very shocked that he wasn't spitting out more water than what he did. The poor instructor was a nervous wreck the rest of class. It was truly an accident and she was not to blame. The class was very much under control and well organized. It was just unfortunately, one of those things and I am so glad I stayed for swim lessons. With him not making any splashes and the instructor at the other end of the pool at the time, this could have turned out very badly.

So, I came home and held my sweet little boy the rest of the night thanking God over and over that he was OK. Jamison told me at least 100 times last night that he loved me. Even one time he said, "You saved me Mom" and came over to give me a big hug. It was during this time that God showed me how much "we" are like Jamison.

You see, as sinners, we are drowning. Sometimes we are so deep in sin, we feel so far down that we could not even make a splash for help if we tried. We wonder who, if anyone would even see us to help us or care to help us get out. But someone does see you. The One, whose eye is on the sparrow, is also on you. God desires to pull you up from the deep; from the place where you are so in over your head that without His help, you will never get out. If you call to Him, He will jump into the "pool", reach out and pull you up, hold you in His hand and then you can say, "I love You. Thank You for saving me."

“Sovereign Lord, I pray today for those who are reading this devotion. Only you know who feels like they are drowning. It is my prayer that they will confess their hearts to you. That they will desire for you to pull them up out of the rough waters they are in and place them into the palm of your hand. God, you alone can save us. There is nothing that we could ever do to deserve your forgiveness or your love. It is a true gift that you give to all who want to accept it. But, we are never so far from you that we are out of your grasp. Thank you Lord, for saving me. Amen”

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