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Emily Schwefferman

Emily Schwefferman

Eager to give, eager to share, eager to learn - Emily is an eager servant of God. Her stories and personal testimonies are thread with the grace of God and she feels blessed to have the opportunity to communicate what God has done.


Unknown Encounter

By Emily Schwefferman

Usually while sitting in the waiting room of my doctor’s office I will read a magazine or a book I have brought along to pass the time. I may smile or nod to someone, but usually any in-depth conversation is infrequent.  

At a recent visit I met a most unique woman named Vicki. I would later walk out of that waiting room having experienced God’s Glory and His Grace. The Lord was about to teach me a valuable lesson in life101. At the age of 57 and having been a Christian only 3 years, I find myself amazed at the Grace God has shown me throughout my life. He has always been faithful to me, even when I chose to ignore Him for so many years and at times I am sad to say, took our Lord for granted.

In a matter of about 20 minutes this woman and I shared our lives. Our conversation flowed as though we were long lost friends. As she talked and told me about herself, I saw similarities between us. The words flowed easily as I knew the Spirit was very much at work within me with this captivating woman and her stories. I did not want to miss the message, nor the lesson God intended for me. I was beginning to realize that with God none of us are strangers unless we choose to be. We are here to serve Him and each other.

She began the conversation by sharing a cute joke and we shared a wonderful laugh together. She then told me about herself and her life. We had much in common and even had worked for the same company at one time. I could sense her seeking my input or even at times my approval. Don’t we all seek approval, usually not coming from strangers, yet we all want to feel appreciated. I could see God using this woman in my life and I began to see the message intended for myself. This woman had a great creative mind and her imagination at times was childlike as she explained her dreams and desires. Her problem, like mine, was a lack of self-discipline and organization. I laughed as I thought to myself, “Lord, thank you for showing me much about myself through this woman.”

Each day brings us new beginnings with new possibilities. I don’t think I will ever look at a day as ‘just another day,’ nor will I ever take my Lord for granted. I am allowing God to work in my life and to submit to His plans for me. I am learning to greet strangers with a smile and with honest interest. I am learning God is always at work within me and others and I do not want to miss an opportunity to learn more about others and myself and more importantly, to learn more about God and His character. Sow seeds of sincere kindness to one another and the Lord will bless you in ways you never dreamed. Start up more conversations with the stranger God brings into your life. I know I will always remember that day and my encounter with Vicki. Mostly I will remember the closeness I felt to God as I opened myself to Him to allow Him to work in me. To God be the Glory.





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