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Emily Schwefferman

Emily Schwefferman

Eager to give, eager to share, eager to learn - Emily is an eager servant of God. Her stories and personal testimonies are thread with the grace of God and she feels blessed to have the opportunity to communicate what God has done.


Me, God and the Car Show

By Emily Schwefferman

My church’s much anticipated outreach to the community is a remarkable car show which grows larger with each passing year. We are now in our 8 th season. Praise the Lord for that and a wonderful summer day’s weather. As the church volunteers arrived early to set up various food booths, band- stands and car owner registration tables, you could sense the excitement this event brings to our church body, coming together in unity for the Grace and Mercy of God to bring Him Glory.

At the suggestion of our pastor, earlier in the week we did a prayer walk around the church. We prayed in the places where various activities would be held and where cars were going to be parked. We prayed for people to come and take part in the festivities and prayed people would come see our church community in action and experience the Lord and His grace. We also prayed for God to oversee every behind-the-scenes detail of the event. This was my first prayer walk and what a Godly experience. Five church members held hands and when each was moved by the Holy Spirit would pray. Each member offered such heartfelt prayers, God’s presence and His love was shared by all and it was a most amazing experience. His grace takes my breath away.

God put the idea to evangelize to the community in the hearts of a married couple that attend our church. A table was set up inside the Sanctuary with church volunteers who were at the tables throughout the afternoon. A laptop computer was to be given away. All a visitor needed to do was come in, fill out an entry form and if they wished to, watch a 4 minute video from our Pastor. Bibles and tracts of God’s works were given out and included was a handout of what services our church offers to the community.

Many God seeking people came into the Sanctuary that day - a few came to sign up for the lap top. Married couples young and old came in, singles came, several young people...... people from all walks of life came to sit, to talk and some just sat in prayer, and several were listening to the Pastor on video. Others came and they talked about their lives and their religious beliefs. We listened to their stories and our volunteers shared stories of God’s working and sometimes seeming not to work in our lives. We gave God praise through out the afternoon.

I also recall watching a few who would just come to the entrance and come no farther. I could see the hesitation in their eyes, the uncertainty. Was it just a few short years ago that I myself had been in their shoes? Praise the Lord for calling me to Him. I prayed hard for them to take the next all begins with just one step.

Beautiful as the day was, when God’s work is going smoothly and His glory and grace are being shared, you can bet Satan is not far away waiting to pounce. He comes out into the light if he senses he is about to lose another person to God. No matter what ways Satan tried to interfere, the purpose of sharing Christ with our community was accomplished.

The next morning at church services our Pastor announced 6 people came forward at the car show to accept Jesus as their Savior. Did you hear that Satan? You lost six more people. God is in control and always will be! Praise be to His Glory!


Copyright © August, 2007 – Emily Schwefferman. All rights reserved.

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