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About the Writer:
Emily Schwefferman

Emily Schwefferman

Eager to give, eager to share, eager to learn - Emily is an eager servant of God. Her stories and personal testimonies are thread with the grace of God and she feels blessed to have the opportunity to communicate what God has done.


Bird Nest For My Soul

By Emily Schwefferman

I came upon her as I worked in the yard on a beautiful spring day. A morning dove sitting on her nest when first we made eye contact, eyes coal black staring back at me. I stopped what I was doing and just stood in wonder. It had been awhile since I had taken time to notice the beauty of nature and new life about to begin.

My life had been so busy as of late, rushing here and there, I had been praying to God excessively about slowing down, I wanted once again to stop and smell the roses. I was about to be reminded of something I had always known, but had forgotten in the business of life, just how precious and fragile life's balance is. The Midwestern area that I live in had experienced a rainy spring season with severe thunderstorms, hail, lightening and high winds that seemed to never end, yet there the dove sat as though glued to the nest protecting her unhatched eggs. God, your design so wondrously in action with me allowed to watch.

As the days went by, I developed a routine, I would check on the dove from my window and  whenever outside I would approach and stand close to the tree. I could not tell if she took notice of me or not, she merely patiently sat on her nest complying with her Master's plan. I began to realize she was teaching me about life. Can we indeed get so busy that our lives pass before us missing the greatest of God's intentions for us?  Sadly, I found I had.

I don't know how long she had been sitting on the nest. I had observed her for just a few weeks. I had no idea how long bird eggs take to hatch. I was anxious for the sight and sounds of hungry little birds chirping the arrival of spring and new beginnings. I shared with my husband the inner glee I was feeling. I was so captivated with the bird nest, as though seeing one for the first time. God was bringing me out of a very dry season, I knew this would help me make the turn I needed to continue on the path God had led me to.

I took my camera and took a picture of the dove, to place in my journal.
A few days later, I awoke, looked out my window and to my dismay, the dove was not perched on the nest. Ok, I thought to myself, off getting food to keep her strength. Later that afternoon, I went outside, again no dove sitting on the nest. Life and death in a precarious dance, what would the outcome be?  What happened to the faithful mother, who had survived springs vicious storms?  Where were the steel black eyes looking back at me in silence?  Throughout the day, I would check, still no return of the dove.

Sadly, she never returned. My husband checked the nest. It contained two eggs, life never to be. I will never know what happened.  I had counted my chicks, before they had hatched. God's reminder to me all life takes place on His time and not mine. He is in control of every situation.

This small feathered creature and I shared a moment in time and I gained from the experience. A new calendar season began yesterday; I too am entering a new season, with a greater appreciation of things lost. I am learning nothing is lost as long as we carry the memory in our hearts and are able to rejoice the experience it brought.



Copyright © July, 2008 – Emily Schwefferman. All rights reserved.

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