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Donna Dowell

Donna Dowell - Next-Step-of-Faith Writer

Donna is a busy working woman, co-business owner, a mother of two and a wife. Her heart for the Lord is vulnerable and sincere and her writing shares the steps of faith building and practical applications she's gained through her study of the Bible.



Empty Hands

By Donna Dowell

In advertising, blank space it is just as important as the placement of pictures and text. In music, the pause or silence is just as important as the sound. In life, it’s important to have empty hands. Let me explain where I am going with this.

When you are stretched to capacity, or your hands are full, all you can do is manage. It’s not until you have space that you can be spontaneous or take advantage of situations when they arise.

For example, I recently competed in an ironman race. I ran at a pace that took me to my edge. I didn’t chat very often with other participants because I was pushing the envelope. Now, I could have slowed down and encouraged others, but I didn’t. I chose to go after the best time possible and I ignored the opportunity to be a blessing to someone.

I am thankful that God blessed my performance and gave me an awesome ironman experience. Now that I have completed this I’ve been asked what I am going to do next. Do you want to do another ironman? Actually, I am going to mindfully leave some margin in my life. My objective is to allow space in my life for opportunities that God may send my way. I’m going to keep my hands empty.

In a few days we’re going to be thrown into that holiday whirlwind of activity. Parties, presents and traditions will fill our days. The question is how full will you allow your schedule to be? Will you leave space? Will you have empty hands? This year I’m going to try to leave some time for the unexpected. I’m going to keep in mind that the holidays are a time when many people get depressed. It’s really a small way of saying thanks to God. Thanking him by leaving a place in your life where you allow yourself to be available for whatever he chooses. When you empty your hands, you give God a place to put a blessing.

“What can I offer the Lord for all he has done for me? – Psalm 116:12


Copyright © November, 2008 – Donna Dowell. All rights reserved.

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