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Cynthia discovered the value of being organized out of necessity. She and her husband, Kevin, have six children. Kevin serves as a Pastor with the Berean Fellowship of Churches. Their home is affectionately known as “grand Central Station”. It was critical to have a home that was welcoming to family and friends, often at a moments notice. In 2001, Cynthia started "Simply Put", an organization service for families in her Wyoming area. She's available as a speaker for women's retreats, MOPS groups and other events.


Ezra's Story

By Cynthia Workman

Subject: Faith in Crisis/ Answered Prayer

As we hurtled down the highway, the calls continued and we were informed Ezra was being flown to a larger hospital. As we drove faster, our hearts beat faster and our prayers flew faster before the throne of God. Our drive to see our firstborn grandson was not supposed to be like this!

Arriving at the Neo-Natal Intensive Care, my daughter-in-laws mother grabbed me in a desperate embrace. She kept repeating through her tears, “I am just so sorry”. Had we arrived too late to see our grandson alive? We were escorted into a room where our son and his wife sat on the edge of the bed, the look of utter despair and exhaustion on their faces. They had just received word before our arrival that Ezra, who was suffering from Polycystic Kidney disease, would not live through the night.

One of the absolutely amazing things that happened in the hours after Ezra’s arrival was the speed with which news traveled among believers and the distance to which it traveled. We cried out to those closest to us to pray for Kevin, Megan, and Ezra, the news began to travel along phone lines and e-mail. Within hours people from all over the country and around the world praying for this tiny baby named Ezra and his young parents. God’s family brought our grandson before the throne of grace.

The next morning, as the doctor briefed the family, he expressed amazement that Ezra was still with us and predicted “something catastrophic” would take place in the next 24 hours. Next day, same doctor, same prediction. Next day, another repeat. All the while we spent the precious time we had to touch Ezra’s hand through the maze of wires and monitors and whisper our love for him. Each day the doctor said, “I have no explanation for this.” God can intervene, when a doctor has no resources or hope available. The doctor’s percentages for survival were nearly non-existence, but God heard our prayers.

Ezra made it through the first 24 hours, the first week, the first month and lived to be nine months old. He celebrated Thanksgiving with the family, went hunting in his mom and dad’s backpack, went fishing, and slept in his own crib. He came out of the maze of wires and monitors to be held and cherished for nine precious months.

He taught our family about the power of a God who bends his ear to the desperate cry of his desperate children. He taught us life is precious and living is not to be postponed. Psalm 34:15 reminds us “His ears are open to their cry…” . Thank God He heard our prayers and blessed us with Ezra.


Copyright © September, 2006 – Cynthia Workman. All rights reserved.


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