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Ingenuity, creativity, persistence and gentleness are just a few characteristics of this faithful entrepreneur. Charlotte brings life and love to her work, her writing and to her purpose in life: to serve God with everything she does. As a wife, mother, teacher, journalist and business leader, Charlotte has much to share.


Building Strong Character - Dangers of Envy

by Charlotte Petty

Envy stirs from a discontentment with what we have. Scripture says it co-exists with every evil thing and is commonly included in the list of vices. In seeking what does not belong to us we can become diminished, or as Prov. 14:30 describe it as “rottenness to the bones.”

We escape envy by giving our desires to God so that He will satisfy them as He wishes.

What everyone else has is obviously not what God intends for us; otherwise, we would all have the same things. We may realize this reality; but we are sometimes pressured by children, friends, coworkers, spouses, parents and others to have and to give "things" and focus on matters that mean nothing to the kingdom of God.

To deal with envy, always remember that we have the greatest possession of all, salvation and God to direct and guide us each day if we choose to call upon Him. Nothing else is necessary and nothing else can compare. Envy clouds our eyes to what we need versus what we want, and most importantly, what God wants for us and knows is best.

The song many of us learned as children "Count your many blessings," goes a long way. Have you taken an inventory of what you do have before counting what you think you should have or what you want especially based on what someone else has?

With patience and trusting in God, very often we are blessed with what we want, but it is most important to wait on God. If you want things for the wrong reasons, you may never have them and if you get things for the wrong reasons, those things may be the source of an ongoing desire for more that grows out of control and, or the source of much trial and hardship.

Envy invites unrest and there is no way to have peace if you are concerned about someone else's possessions or circumstances. Be at peace with what you have, knowing God will always provide for your needs even if He doesn't always give you your wants.

Count your many blessings name them one by one, count your many blessing see what God has already done!


Charlotte Petty is Publisher of The Spanish Lake Word Newspaper and an instructor at the University of Missouri at St. Louis .


Copyright © June 2006 - Charlotte Petty, All rights reserved.


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