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About the Writer:

Depth, compassion and love are the tools Carol uses in her written communication. She paints pictures with words and develops concepts into application. As a mother of two daughters, one twelve years old and the other two years old, Carol is busy but makes time to express what she is learning about God in her life.


I Thought Of You Today

By Carol Ilbery

While driving home, I saw a beautiful rainbow

Just peeking from the clouds as the rain eased up

I thought of you as I received your message

Your message of love and promises not forgotten.


While driving to work, I heard a song

Playing nice and clear, soft and gentle and full of passion

I thought of you as I received your message

Your message of grace and tomorrows yet to come.


While walking to the mailbox, I smelled your rose

Delicate and soft, the scent came peacefully to my nose

I thought of you, of your brow as I carelessly pulled at the stem

And the thorn pricked my finger as I pulled it close to smell it’s fragrance.


I thought of you and your selfless sacrifice as my finger,

Pricked only once by my action bled slightly.

I thought of you as I remembered the thorns pricking your brow, your head

As you lovingly gave your all so that I…so that we might live.


Copyright © January 25,2005 – Carol Ilbery. All rights reserved.


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