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Depth, compassion and love are the tools Carol uses in her written communication. She paints pictures with words and develops concepts into application. As a mother of two daughters, one twelve years old and the other two years old, Carol is busy but makes time to express what she is learning about God in her life.


While We Sleep

By Carol Ilbery

Do you remember when you were little and didn’t want to go to sleep for fear you would miss something fun that would happen while you were resting? I remember the stories my dad would tell and I’ve noticed the same thing in my girls. While Sarah usually will tell me when she’s “seepy,” she is reluctant to actually go to sleep for awhile afterwards.

I recently heard a song by Casting Crowns “While You Were Sleeping.” It’s a neat song that reminded me of just what we miss while we are “sleeping.” It talks about Bethlehem and Jerusalem and how, while they were in denial and walking with all their senses turned off, they missed out on Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection. The last verse sings of America and asks what we are missing while we sleep.

I have a confession. While I hear the song and even just think about it, I wonder how one can fall sleep knowing what Jesus has done. Yet I catch myself drifting off as I get caught up in stupid little things. For example: will my house sell? And what about the next house? Will it have everything we want or will we have to “settle.” Also, minor worries about the family reunion in August like time deadlines and people having fun.

They seem like big things at the time, but if I wake up, step back and look at the big picture, they don’t matter nearly as much as I make them at the time.

Yes, a good home and school sets the stage for future generations and reunions teach that family is important, but if I’m not awake—not fully awake—what am I truly teaching my girls? What do I show everyone else about my love for Jesus? To show I’m human is not the message I want to deliver. You can look at me and see that!

And so, sisters, I’m going to do as I did when I was younger and as all children do—fight to stay fully awake; to make time to be with Jesus every day in more than talking time, but in listening time as well.

Have you drifted asleep?


Copyright © June 20, 2006 – Carol Ilbery. All rights reserved.


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