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About the Writer:

Depth, compassion and love are the tools Carol uses in her written communication. She paints pictures with words and develops concepts into application. As a mother of two daughters, one twelve years old and the other two years old, Carol is busy but makes time to express what she is learning about God in her life.



By Carol Ilbery

She gently flattened her worn gray dress as she sat down before the big dollhouse that had a corner all its own. The sun shined brightly through the windows and gently kissed the rooms of the miniature model of an older two-story home. This was her favorite time of day.

"Hello, Tommy. I missed you," she smiled softly as she picked up the little wooden boy who, after years of use, was missing a leg. With the other hand, she picked up the bright new girl with her fancy hair. To her, no comment was made, but she was handled with care as she moved both toys out to the back yard of the house.

"Will you push me?" the little boy asked the girl.

"No way! You're funny looking and your clothes--did you pull them out of the trash?" she replied as she stuck her nose up in the air and walked over to the pool area where the other girls were lounging. Susie left the girl there with the other newer little dolls and returned to play with the little boy she lovingly called "Tommy."

She pushed him in the little toy swing and imagined he was happy and enjoying the nice sunshine.

"Look at Susie! She's playing with that old, ugly, broken toy again. And that dress..."

Susie turned back away from the other children that had come over. She moved Tommy from the swing, imagining he had run inside the house and up to the bedroom. She placed him gently on the bed and whispered, "It's okay, Tommy. Don't listen to them. There is One greater than this place that loves us. He knows how we feel-I learned just yesterday that His own people rejected him!" She sniffed as she imagined how he must have felt.

Then, as she heard a soft voice calling her, she smiled. Gently, like a soft loving breeze, it came to her, saying, "Come to me, my child; come just as you are and I will love you forever."



Copyright © January 25,2005 – Carol Ilbery. All rights reserved.


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