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Depth, compassion and love are the tools Carol uses in her written communication. She paints pictures with words and develops concepts into application. As a mother of two daughters, one twelve years old and the other two years old, Carol is busy but makes time to express what she is learning about God in her life.


What's Important to You This Christmas?

by Carol Ilbery

Reminder: Jesus is the true reason for Christmas—we must not forget!

Have you heard the song “The Christmas Shoes” by Newsong? I heard it for the first time this season and it was like a slap on the face for me. I have been disappointed in myself in that I have not been able to give everyone the type of Christmas that I would like to give—more gifts to show how much they mean to me. But it isn’t going to happen this year.

This is okay, though. I was reminded by this song that presents aren’t what it’s about. This radio station had all kinds of Christmas songs that I grew up with playing as I was out taking a little ride and I was flooded with memories of my childhood Christmases. Oh, how I wanted to close my eyes and revisit those memories as fully as possible. I didn’t though, as I didn’t think my husband would appreciate the reason I’d had an accident—well, IF I had closed my eyes, there would have been one. Anyway, I enjoyed them as well as I could while I focused on the rainy roads.

And then the song came on. And my eyes watered as my mind’s eye placed this little boy at the check out with tons of pennies to buy these shoes for his dying mother. And I was reminded that it isn’t the tinsel and the tree that is important and it isn’t how many presents are under the tree, either. It is Christ’s birth and the gift of Him that is the reason we celebrate Christmas. It’s so that we will be saved from our sin and be washed clean.

And so, I arrived home with a different outlook on my life as it is in its current state. The current financial strain that has arisen isn’t important and the lack of presents under the tree that will be from me isn’t important, either. What is important is teaching my girls about Christmas, why it’s here and why it’s so important and vital to us. We mustn’t get caught up in the “haves” and “have nots”, but remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas—Jesus Christ.

Luke 2:11 “The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born tonight in Bethlehem , the city of David !”

Luke 2: 14 “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to all whom God favors.”

(Bible references: New Living Translation)


Copyright © December 3, 2005 – Carol Ilbery. All rights reserved.


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