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About the Writer:
Carol Blansett

Giving all she has to God and others, Carol pours out her heart and her life on a daily basis. With life experiences and a rich faith heritage, Carol brings her readers into the livingroom of her heart and welcomes them with her authentic love and gentle spirit. As a mother, grandmother and daughter she has much to share.



You'll Never Walk Alone

By Carol Blansett

She always considers herself a little different from others. She was a little shyer as a young girl, a little chubbier as a youth, then a lot more as an adult. Not only that, but other things as well: a single parent home to grow up in although God blessed her with a mother who took her children to church two and three times a week and led an exemplary life before them. A failed marriage to add to the missing of a father’s presence after the first few years, and single parenting, a good hard work ethic and a serious attitude that follows a tight budget, all adding up to a stringent lifestyle.

Some other things were thrown into the mix in changing jobs and cities, then the long term care of and subsequent loss of a dear parent after a long illness, and she found herself with a low back injury one day, transferring from soft chair to firm chair to bed and making the circle yet again for a grand total of a full six weeks off work, each day much as the one before.

“Lord, my work is a big part of my life!  It’s my ministry ~ and my joy ~ and it earns my bread and butter!  I need to be there every day!”  In addition, she had used most of her sick and vacation time through the years in caring for her mother and monitoring her own health. She could not fathom how she could make it financially . . . but through it all, her LORD was able.

God was able to quiet her before Him and minister to her soul, ’way down deep. People didn’t call much, a friend and a family member went to the store a couple of times, but God essentially got her alone for a huge chunk of time!  Doctor visits were her only outings. Solitude was her constant companion.

Others do not always understand one’s plight. Her heart’s cry a long time ago was for understanding and she found herself always explaining to others. However, on the side of maturity she knows that all she has to do is to be in God’s will. That’s all. Others will question one’s missing church; they may form opinions and/or analyze another.

But as long as God is your focus, and that focus remains upon Him, other cares fall by the wayside. “For He careth for you . . .” is a childhood Bible memory verse that comes to mind. “Cast all your cares upon Him.”  Maybe those verses even go together!  My memory or lack of it seems to think so.  He cares for the small brown sparrow, so how much more does he care for His own?

In the eyes of the world, her lowly position in the same job for 22 years and counting, nearing retirement age but needing to work into the latter years for all the foreseeable future to pay for a home is not a most glamorous place to be. But God . . . is using her life to minister daily to others on the job and through Avon customers she meets. God is so good!  He is able!  She wouldn’t trade hers for any other life!  “But God . . .” He’s there for you and you’ll never walk alone!  Rest in His Presence!  It’s the all time best place to be!


Copyright © September 2007– Carol Blansett. All rights reserved.


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