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About the Writer:
Carol Blansett

Giving all she has to God and others, Carol pours out her heart and her life on a daily basis. With life experiences and a rich faith heritage, Carol brings her readers into the livingroom of her heart and welcomes them with her authentic love and gentle spirit. As a mother, grandmother and daughter she has much to share.



He Picks Me Up

By Carol Blansett

It was a month of illness, an injured knee and seeing my mother grow weaker in the nursing home with calls from nurses regarding her care. I arrived home at 9:00 p.m. after a visit with her. As I pulled into the driveway, chalk letters on the blacktop stood out and I backed up to exit the car and read what someone had written.

“Oh, no, what now?” I wondered, after a problematic day to cap the prior weeks that had left me weary.

There in LARGE chalk letters were words to pick me up from a stranger, no less. A little girl across the street I had only met once had written and drawn her likeness with a big pink heart:

“I love you! From Elizabeth across the street from Kelli.”

God with skin on! How like Him to pick me up like that! He is able to minister to us through others when we need a lift. I must be careful to pass it on.

Thank you, Lord! I will give You all the praise and adoration. You are able!


Copyright © June 5, 2006 – Carol Blansett. All rights reserved.



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